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> You can literally bet on anything. Here’
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s my favorite."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Keep Sounding PodcastPanthers 2019 NFL DraftCSR Film RoomSuper Bowl prop bets reach an all time highYou can literally bet on anything. Here’s my favorite.ESTShareTweetShareShareSuper Bowl prop bets reach an all time highKirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsSuper Bowl prop betting has reached its ceiling. I do not see how they could come up with more than the 486 prop bets available this year. Silly me...with a year to think about it they will probably top 500 next year. Regardless Blue Taylor Moton Jersey , here are a few of the traditional props and then some of the more ‘interesting’ ones. First, get gander at the prop bet categories.Sure you can bet on the traditional props, such as the classic coin toss. Please note that though the odds are as even as it gets, the house will get it’s five percent. I noticed during the college bowl season many times they use a coin with the teams on it. That renders the heads versus tails moot. I must assume the Super Bowl will use yet again a commemorative coin that requires the referee to explain to each team which side is heads and which is tails. You can also make the usual prop bets on who what player will score first Taylor Moton Jersey 2019 , which team will score first, halftime score, etc... There are 141 prop bets just on the game itself. You then can bet on any player for the most part to do anything. More interesting though is this category of ‘Cross Sports Props’. We have 54 bets to choose from where you pick between a Super Bowl team or player stat and some very different stat in another sport. That sport can run the gambit from basketball, to soccer youth Luke Kuechly Jersey , to golf and even rugby. Basically whatever other sport is playing this weekend.Now the so called ‘Fun Props’. In this category is the long time prop on the amount time in seconds it takes to sing the national anthem. You can then also bet on whether there will be a scoring drive shorter than it took to sing the anthem. Wrap your brain around that one.You can also bet on the number of Gisele appearances on TV and how many times Ted Rath is mentioned. Who the hell is Ted Rath you might ask? I did. He’s the guy who’s job it is on game day to keep Rams head coachSean McVay on the sideline and out of the field of play. No easy feat apparently. You have to click through and watch this video. It is hilarious. Give that video I like the over 3.5 on the Ted Rath mentions. He’s going to be a busy guy on Sunday. Imagine if McVay actually gets a penalty because McVay runs into the sideline ref? You have a winner prop bet for sure!Finally we have the halftime props. The prevailing topics range from performer attire (hat or no hat) to special appearances (Aguilera or Cardi cool.gif, song selection and of course the Colin Kapernick controversy. I think that the ‘Will Big Boi and Levine play Mic Jack’ is a lock. The Ravens are doing a lot of name calling this week. Safety Eric Weddle referred to Cam Newton a “fast dinosaur” on Wednesday, and Terrell Suggs said the Panthers quarterback is “a superhero.”On Thursday, Ravens defensive coordinator Wink Martindale had his own depiction of Newton.“I heard Weddle’s description of him yesterday Stitched Luke Kuechly Jersey ,” Martindale said, via Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer. “He’s like a guy — which is crazy in the NFL for all of us who have played sports — remember when you were in the fifth or sixth grade, and that guy that had the beard drove to the game? That’s what he’s like as an NFL player. I mean, he really is. We joked around with my wife Youth Bruce Irvin Jersey , and I said, ‘I’ve been watching scary movies all week getting ready for Halloween just watching his tape.’ There’s a reason they call him ‘Superman.’ It’s obviously a huge challenge.”Before the Ravens played the Broncos earlier this season, Martindale compared Denver linebacker Von Miller to LeBron James.
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