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> Kyler Murray signed his rookie d
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eal Thursday Black Haason Reddick Jersey , a deal that includes the same baseball language that Jameis Winston‘s rookie deal contained.A source told PFT that any baseball voids future guarantees.The Cardinals drafted Murray with the No. 1 overall pick without a baseball clause in place. Now, the team has contract language protecting it in the event Murray decides to play baseball.Murray returned a signing bonus the Athletics gave him after making him the ninth overall choice in the Major League Baseball draft. He signed a $4.6 million deal expecting to play baseball after a final season at Oklahoma. But after winning the Heisman Trophy and becoming a top NFL prospect, Murray opted to play football.Winston talked about playing baseball as the Bucs were preparing to make him the No. 1 overall choice in 2015. So with concerns the quarterback would pull a Bo Jackson and play baseball instead of football, the Bucs added the baseball provision to his rookie deal. Wide receivers might benefit if pass interference became a reviewable penalty, but one of the best wide receivers in the business doesn’t want that to happen.Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said today at a pre-Super Bowl event at Georgia Tech that he doesn’t want to see instant replay used on pass interference Haason Reddick Jersey 2019 , even though it could have fixed the missed call in the NFC Championship Game.“I personally don’t believe there should be review of plays like that. It’s a bang-bang play,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s very subjective, it’s happening so fast, these officials are put in really tough positions. I just don’t think we should do that.”Fitzgerald said that if anything, he’d like to see pass interference become a less significant penalty by capping the yardage at 15 yards Black D.J. Humphries Jersey , as is the case in college football.“Pass interference . . . 40 yards downfield shouldn’t be a 40-yard penalty,” Fitzgerald said.That’s a surprising stance for a wide receiver, but he proposed a deal he’d like to strike: In exchange for changing pass interference, which benefits the defense, give the offense an advantage by changing the rule that makes a fumble into the end zone a touchback D.J. Humphries Jersey 2019 , and allow the offense to retain possession. That proposal from Fitzgerald drew a round of applause from those gathered at the event in Atlanta.
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